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DOSHEL Services has been involved in the wine business since 1973 in New Jersey and since 1999 in Connecticut.  Former Director of Les Amis du Vin (LAdV) and one of the founders of Wine Lovers International, Donald Baechler has judged in LAdV competitions, the Atlanta International Wine Festival and still judges in the prestigious Atlanta International Wine Challenge.  During the '60s and early '70 in the Washington, D.C. area, he was involved in the alternative college program that held instructional wine tastings in Georgetown University's classrooms.  In New Jersey, he managed on a part-time basis what was arguably the best wine shop in New Jersey.  He also ran corporate-based wine clubs while working at Bell Telephone Laboratories in Murray Hill, AT&T General Departments in Basking Ridge and at several Bellcore  locations in New Jersey.  He is a wine consultant who has contracted with a leading wine shop in Connecticut.

This site will, from time to time, have non-time sensitive wine articles of general interest.  This information is available to the general public and was found either on the internet, obtained from government agencies or the result of personal experience and may include the following:

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The Phylloxera Aphid (Dactylasphaera Vitifoliae)

The Judgement of Paris