Telecom Consulting

 Notice:  This page describes (1) how companies can benefit from understanding the data provided from the Telecom Routing Administration (TRA) and (2) seminars that were provided by DOSHEL Services.  Because TRA products and services change rapidly and because DOSHEL Services has been removed from active involvement since 2002, companies may be better served by contacting the TRA directly via for up-to-date seminars.

Telecommunications Consulting

 The Local Exchange Routing Guide, called LERG, and the Terminating Point Master, called TPM, can be difficult to use to their full potential without a detailed understanding of them.

DOSHEL Services conducts 1-day and 1 ½ day seminars that contain a detailed description of these data, and provides other services to help you better advise the industry of your local network and to explain how to interpret descriptions of the local network of other service providers. 



The LERG and TPM are issued monthly by the Telecom Routing Administration (TRA), at iconneciv. The TRA is the telecommunications industry’s means of providing industry-wide notification of the opening of new Central Office Codes (COCs) and the routing and rating information associated with these codes. COCs are often referred to as NXXs and are always associated with an area code, or Numbering Plan Area (NPA). Hence, they are usually referred to as NPA NXXs.

Every carrier to which a Central Office Code (that is, NPA NXX) is assigned must enter routing and rating data into the TRA databases or arrange for entry of the data by someone who has access to these databases.

Every Long Distance carrier needs to know the end office switch in which the NPA NXX resides and to which access tandem the end office switch homes. Local carriers providing service in an area served by other local carriers need to know this information, too.

Every company that does billing, whether they are a telephone company or billing service bureau, has available the TPM as the source of rate center vertical and horizontal coordinates (both major and minor), time zones, place names and other rating data that may be used in their billing systems..

Services Offered by DOSHEL Services

  • Routing and Rating Seminars
  • Data Input Training Courses
  • Advanced Data Input Training and Data Analysis
  • Customized Consulting Services

Routing and Rating Seminars include the following:


  • A description of the industry structure for the resolution of rating and routing issues and the dissemination of rating and routing data.
  • A detailed explanation of every field in the LERG and the TPM
  • A description and explanation of other numbering data available from the TRA
  • A description and explanation of planned changes to the TRA databases.

Data Input Training Courses describe the following:

  • Applying for a Central Office Code assignment in a particular rate center
  • Completing the Part 2 forms
  • Accessing the TRA databases
  • Understanding the Routing DataBase System (RDBS) and the Business Rating Information Database System (BRIDS)

Advanced Data Input and Data Analysis covers the following topics:

  • An analysis of your data in the LERG and its dependence on other company's records.
  • Use of the Report Download System
  • Use of reports to determine when other company's changes might result in a need for changes in your records.

If you input your own records (you are an "AOCN"), this course may be for you! The TRA training provides the basics on accessing their databases and building records. Such training is invaluable, but also needed is an understanding of (1) how your interacting with the Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC) at the access tandem requires you to monitor activities of the ILEC and (2) what you need to know to efficiently handle originating and terminating local traffic to reduce the incidences of blocked calls and need for manual intervention.

Customized Telecommunications Consulting includes the following:

  • Developing a plan to resolve an industry-wide issue to your company's satisfaction
  • Representing your company at appropriate industry forums to introduce and champion your company's issue(s)
  • Analyzing existing industry issues' impacts on your company
  • Advising your company on matters within the North American Numbering Plan
  • Inputing (into the TRA databases) the data of Fair Share Plan participants

The Instructor
Donald Baechler participated in the development and delivery of the TRA Routing & Rating Workshops and data input training courses (see "Related Sites" below) prior to June 1999, during the time that he was the Director of the Traffic Routing Administration. He is a Registered Professional Engineer with experience in aerospace systems engineering, electronic countermeasures systems analysis, telephone network operations and regulatory matters, and, from 1986 to 1999, Director, Traffic Routing Administration, the predecessor to the Telcordia Routing Administration, now the Telecom Routing Administration. As Director, Traffic Routing Administration, Baechler has been involved in the resolution of issues in industry forums and in the development and delivery of TRA services in a rapidly changing telecommunications environment.

Related Sites
The TRA offers a Routing & Rating Workshop and data input training, in addition to issuing the monthly LERG and TPM and providing many other industry services. All of these offerings can be reviewed at

The TRA Routing & Rating Workshops have been offered by the TRA at different times each year and various registration fees have been charged. The data input training is offered by the TRA and is open without registration fee to any participant with whom the TRA has a Fair Share Plan contract. Access to the TRA databases is restricted to participants in the Fair Share Plan but participation is open to anyone, as described at the TRA web site.

Customized Services
DOSHEL Services can deliver Routing & Rating Seminars and/or data input training at your business location and can structure both the seminars and the training to focus on your company’s needs. If you can't wait until the next offering of TRA's Rating and Routing Workshop and/or training, or if you have been unable to find the routing and rating help needed by your company, please email us at
or call us at
(203) 901-9566

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