About DOSHEL Services

 DOSHEL Services was formed by Donald Baechler in 1972 when 70-some scientists and engineers at Bellcomm, Inc (a Bell System company) moved from the Washington, D. C. area, where they had provided systems engineering to the Office of Manned Space Flight during the Apollo program.  With the completion of the Apollo program, these persons were reassigned to the north central New Jersey offices of Bell Telephone Laboratories in Whippany and Murray Hill (Berkeley Heights).  DOSHEL Services acted as a purchasing agent for materials and devices (such as garage door openers and wheelbarrows) needed by these relocatees as they settled in new homes in New Jersey and as a central point to coordinate procurement of tradepeople's services that were needed. 

Apart from DOSHEL Services, Donald worked at Bell Labs/Murray Hill heading a project for the Long Lines Department of AT&T.  This led to his transfer to the AT&T General Department's Central Office Operations Section where he developed and oversaw the breakup of testing account 603-04 to provide information to the General Departments for use in costing services.

With the break-up of the Bell System, Donald headed a group that (1) developed a system to implement the billing required by the Plan of Reorganization and (2) participated in audits of AT&T billing to the "Baby Bells."

Donald Baechler participated in the development and delivery of the TRA Routing & Rating Workshops and data input training courses prior to June 1999, during the time that he was the Director of the Traffic Routing Administration. He is a Registered Professional Engineer with experience in aerospace systems engineering, electronic countermeasures systems analysis, telephone network operations and regulatory matters, and, from 1986 to 1999, Director, Traffic Routing Administration, the predecessor to the Telcordia Routing Administration. In the latter position, he has been involved in the resolution of issues in industry forums and in the development and delivery of TRA services in a rapidly changing telecommunications environment.

After leaving Telcordia in 1999, Donald Baechler focused on volunteer activities and consulting in fields of particular interest to him.  In the telecommunications field, this led to providing workshops to companies who wanted their employees to become more familiar with the North American Numbering Plan Administration and the Telcordia Routing Administration. 

In the mathematics field, this led to his tutoring and becoming a substitute teacher in the local (Guilford, CT) high school, volunteer tutoring for the "A Better Chance (ABC)" program in Guilford, and volunteer recording of math textbooks for "Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic" (now "Learning Ally")which is headquartered in Princeton, NJ and has offices throughout the United States.  Also loosely related to academia and mathematics, DOSHEL Services builds web sites.  Some sites are associated with DOSHEL Services business (such as  this site) or other businesses and others are done gratis for non-profit organizations. 

In the wine marketing field, DOSHEL Services provides assistance in marketing wine by conducting in-store tasting and promoting wine clubs that hold dinners, tastings and wine courses.  DOSHEL services has been under contract to one of the leading wine shops in Connecticut.